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At La Palma Airport the bus stop is located on the ground level of the terminal, in the Arrivals area. A taxi rank is also in front of the terminal, providing a 24/7 link with the island's capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma, and the tourist resorts. The distance to the city center is only 8 km, with Bus line 500 running frequent services throughout the day and evening. The bus stops also in Los Cancajos.

Buses to and from La Palma Airport

Route La Palma Airport o Santa Cruz de la Palma, Line 500

The 500 services starts from the airport at 07.15, the next bus leaving at 07.45. After that buses leave for Santa Cruz and Los Cancajos at the same times until 22.45, from Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays and public holidays Line 500 buses run at 07.45, 08.45, 09.45 and at the same times until 22.45.

Route Santa Cruz de la Palma to La Palma Airport, Line 500

Buses run from Mondays to Saturdays at 06.30, 07.00, 07.45, 08.15, 08.45 and at the same times until 22.15. On Sundays and public holidays airport buses run at 07.00, 08.15, 09.15 and 10.15 and at the same times until 22.15.

Tickets for the airport bus Line 500:

Travelling 10 km by bus costs 1.50 euros, 20 km travel costs between 2.40 and 2.60 euros. Buying a Monedero Card costs only 1.00 euro and gives tourists the option to upload 10.00, 20.00 or 30.00 euros to cover them during their time on La Palma.

Bus Operator TILP's Contact Details

TILP Information desk telephone number tel +34 922 411 924 / 922 460 241; offices are located at Avda. Los Indianos 14, bajo 38700 S/C de La Palma;

Taxi Transfers from La Palma Airport

Taking a taxi from La Palma Airport to Santa Cruz and back costs from 38.00 euros for up to 3 people sharing a taxi. Los Cancajos is only 3.9 km away, which means taking a taxi there should cost only around 12.50 euros for a one-way trip.

The transfer between Fuencaliente and La Palma Airport takes around 35 minutes and costs from 28.00 to 50.00 euros, depending on the time of day and how many people are sharing. Weekrate and night fares are higher. It also depends on how much luggage passengers have. With a minibus share the same journey only costs around 60.00 euros for up to 6 passengers sharing.

El Paso is also only 40 minutes away, and a transfer between El Paso and the airport costs between 35.00 and 44.00 euros. Los Llanos is about 45 minutes from the airport, with a cost of ca 50.00 euros for up to 4 people sharing their taxi, or for up to 6 passengers taking a minibus, which would cost around 63.00 euros for the trip to/from Los Llanos.

Taxi companies offering transfers to and from the airport to tourist destinations on La Palma: (+34 686 553 868),