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Passengers arriving at La Palma Airport will find the bus stop is on the ground level of the terminal, in the Arrivals zone.

The capital of La Palma is Santa Cruz de la Palma, which is within an 8 to 10 km range of the airport. Bus line 500 connects La Palma Airport with the city, running frequent services throughout the day. The bus ride also includes the popular tourist destination of Los Cancajos.

La Palma Airport to Santa Cruz de la Palma, Line 500

Description of the route
Time from Airport to Destination

The first bus of the day leaves the airport at 07.15, the next one at 07.45 and then buses leave for the capital and Los Cancajos at the same times until 21.15 and 22.45. This is the timetable for Mondays to Saturday buses. On Sundays and public holidays buses leave at 07.45, 08.45, 09.45 and at the same time until 22.45 throughout the day.

Time From Destination to Airport

Buses leave from Mondays to Saturdays at 06.30, 07.00, 07.45, 08.15, 08.45 and at the same times until 21.45 and 22.15. On Sundays and public holidays Line 500 buses leave at 07.00, 08.15, 09.15 and 10.15 and at the same intervals until 22.15.


Travelling 10 km by bus costs 1.50 euros, 20 km travel costs between 2.40 and 2.60 euros, depending weather the bus stops also at Los Cancajos. Buying a Monedero Card costs only 1.00 euro. This card can be topped up with 10.00, 20.00 or 30.00 euros to cover you for your entire holiday.

Contact Information

TILP Information desk telephone number tel +34 922 411 924 / 922 460 241
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, except public holidays: from 6.30 to 22.40 pm.
Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays: from 7.10 to 22.40.

Please use the link for a full timetable for Line 500.

TILPE offices are located at Avda. Los Indianos 14, bajo 38700 S/C de La Palma;
email: atencioncliente@transporteslapalma.com

For other bus lines and timetables, please visit https://www.tilp.es/cogerlaguagua/